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St Barnabas Pre-School

Play, learn and grow together.

Pre-School Room


In our Preschool room we take up to 24 children from 2 to 3 years old. We offer a range of fun adult and child led activities.

Each day the children have access to the home corner, cosy book corner, small world toys, construction toys, messy play and creative activities.

The routine is flexible but includes lots of free play, snack and circle time. The children have access to the garden part way through the session.

Deputy Manager, Anna manages the room with Key persons Tracey,  Laura, Suzanne, Sam, Kerrie, Holly, Najwaa and Suzanne. With support from Brogan and Chantelle. 

The children have lots of opportunities to learn through play which is supported by a friendly skilled team.

This half term our topic is Winter, Hearts, Pink and we are focusing on specific nursery rhymes.  

Morning nursery rhymes: 1 potato, 2 potato; Little green frog; 5 little men in a flying saucer.

Afternoon nursery rhymes: 5 little ducks; Wheels  on the bus; 12345 once I caught a fish and Hickory dickory dock.