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St Barnabas Pre-School

Play, learn and grow together.

Parents views

1 Jan 2018

* My eldest son loved coming to St Barnabas. He enjoyed it in both rooms and we always felt happy knowing he was well looked after by all staff. My youngest son now goes to St Barnabas and he loves it just as much as his brother. Lots of activities to do with lovely staff.

* We are over the moon with how well Seb settled in at St Barnabas pre-school and how much progress he has made. Staff are friendly and caring and this has enabled our son to thrive in his first steps along his educational journey.

* Fantastic pre-school! My little one has been very happy and settled from her very first day. Lovely staff that are very friendly and hands on with the children. They have lots of different activities set up for the children each day and a fantastic enclosed our doors area with lots of bikes and scooters. I have been delighted with St Barnabas and would recommend to anyone looking for a great pre-school.

* We'd never left our son without a family member before but he loves going to St Barnabas, from putting his bag and coat on a hook to singing me songs he has learnt on his way home. I would thoroughly recommend St Barnabas pre-school.

* Very friendly staff who seem to know all the children very well. Very supportive with the children and parents. My son comes out very happy after school, having had lots of fun. He learns too.

* All my children have attended St Barnabas over the last 10 years. I have watched all my children grow and learn and believe St Barnabas gave them the greatest first school experience.

* I am very happy with my daughter's pre-school. I was told about this school by my sister. Almost majority of our family children went to this pre-school. The staff are very helpful and polite. They are also very helpful with any problems we have with our children. They give us full support.

* Both of my children have attended St Barnabas over the past few years. Although they both had differing needs/abilities they were both looked after exceptionally well. Staff are friendly and easy to talk to. I always feel I can ask questions or share information at any time. The pre-school is very inclusive and has supported both myself and my son with referrals, paperwork and extra support for his special needs. My son and daughter loved coming to school here and I would recommend it to anyone.

* St Barnabas is a brilliant pre-school with lovely, friendly staff. Both my girls have attended and loved it with my youngest still currently attending. She has a great bond with her key person and is very happy here.

* I cannot recommend St Barnabas enough. Both of my children absolutely love it here and it has been wonderful to see how much they have come along. They also both suffered from separation anxiety originally and the staff have provided exceptional support and understanding.
This is a professional, fun and caring pre-school and I have always felt confident that my children are very well looked after here.

* My son really enjoys school. He always comes out with a smile on his face. The staff are really friendly and professional. Since my son started he has come along so well, he always talks about what he has done at school. Thank you all for everything you do.